Mixing & Blending Product Insight – December 7, 2017

New Laboratory Mixer for the Foodstuffs and Pharmaceutical Industries – Expanded R&D Center, and 2017 Factory of the Future in Belgium Operates With Dinnissen Mixers.
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Mixing & Blending Innovations
New Laboratory Mixer for the Foodstuffs and Pharmaceutical Industries – Expanded R&D Center
MTI Mischtechnik presents an all-new line of laboratory mixers developed for the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs sectors. The design corresponds to these industries’ very exacting hygiene requirements; the systems can nevertheless be flexibly adapted to the special needs of diverse applications. The new model is configured at the request of an industry leader who will use it for recipe development in dairy processing.
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2017 Factory of the Future in Belgium Operates With Dinnissen Mixers
Nuscience’s new factory in Ghent for producing premixes, young animal feed and specialties, has been named as this year’s “Factory of the Future 4.0”. A prestigious prize, which is being awarded to future-oriented manufacturers that meet the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. What’s remarkable is that almost all of the production capacity of 10,000 tonnes per month is achieved using 11 Dinnissen mixers with a variety of specifications.
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“Adaptive Mixing Technology” Suitable For All Products Across All Industries
MixSys offers the Ploughshare 3D Mixer, the most efficient mixer, which consists of a horizontal cylindrical container with multiple plow shaped shovels mounted on the main shaft. Continue reading »
Abrasion-Resistant Rotary Batch Mixer Achieves Uniformity in One to Three Minutes
A new model 700-THX-50-ARI Rotary Batch Mixer from Munson Machinery blends abrasive materials such as concrete, premix, mortar mix, glass/cullet, fiberglass, refractories, tungsten powder and ceramics, in one to three minutes with minimized abrasive wear or product degradation. Continue reading »
Precise Mixing And Dosing In The Food Industry
Modern mixing processes in the food industry place high demands on the machine equipment to achieve maximum economy and optimum product quality. Continue reading »
Direct-Charge Loading Systems for Blenders, Mixers & Reactors
Conveying systems designed specifically for Direct-Charge loading of V-Type and Double-Cone Blenders, Mixers, Reactors or any vessel capable of withstanding a vacuum. Continue reading »
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Newson Gale – A HOERBIGER Safety Solutions Company
For over 30 Years, Newson Gale has been manufacturing static earthing equipment for hazardous area industries. Electrostatic discharges are an ever-present and significant ignition risk for operations carried out in EX explosive atmospheres. Continue reading »
MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH
MTI has been a leading international manufacturer of mixing and processing machines for high throughput rates since 1975. It is renowned for its high quality and performance. Our Vertical Mixers, Horizontal Mixers and Heating/Cooling Mixer Combinations are doing a great job all over the world in the plastics and chemical industries. Continue reading »
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